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10 practical uses for dehumidifier water.

Water from thin air.

Do you live in a fairly modern home, equipped with PVC windows, double glazing and wall insulation? If so, you might have a dehumidifier to take care of the damp. These appliances cool the air, forcing the air molecules to shrink and force any moisture out. They then collect this water for disposal in a container. It’s not safe for drinking, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw it away.

Self sufficiency isn’t just about making your own food. A good self sufficient household also reduces waste as much as possible by recycling as much as possible. The most efficient method of recycling is by reusing as much of your resources as possible, the water produced by dehumidifiers (and devices that function in a similar manner such as air conditioners etc.) is one of those resources. While a lot of people are on flat fees for their water these days, this will help reduce bills for anybody using a water meter and will satisfy those of us with that obsessive fear of creating waste.

So, what can you use it for?

Broadly speaking, you can use the water collected from your dehumidifier for anything except drinking. The distilling process involves running the air along metal cooling elements, these leave trace metals in the water that you don’t really want in your body. For most other purpose however, it’s perfectly safe. To get your imagination burning, I’ve listed ten practical uses for dehumidifier water that will get you started.

Watering Plants

Probably the most practical use for your old dehumidifier water. The traces of nasties aren’t too good for animals, but they should pose no problem to your garden plants. Stick to outdoor watering over potted plants to be safe, and try not to tip tons in the same spot and risk upsetting the mineral balance in the soil.

Washing Clothes

Mix in a bit of laundry detergent and dehumidifier water will be safe for any handwashing of clothes you might have to do. It should also be fine in a washing machine, but since most of those are plumbed in you might have a bit of trouble getting the water in there!

Washing the Car

Like to keep the car sparkling? Your dehumidifier water will be perfectly fine for your car, bike, scooter or anything else you want to shine up.

Install a Water Cooling System in your PC

Trying to build the gaming PC from the future? Overclocked to breaking point and runs hotter than hell in summer? You might want to buy a water cooling system. If you do, a bit of your dehumidifier water will work as well as any in there.

Mixing Paint

Are you dabbling in watercolours or just painting the living room? If you need to add water, the dehumidifier water will work just fine.

Washing the Brushes

…and if you’ve just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece, you’ll need a water pot to wash your brushes in. Dehumidifier water to the rescue.

Fill your Cistern

Having a bad plumbing day or just have a cistern that takes forever to fill? You can add dehumidifier water to the tank about your toilet or just use it to flush directly.

Fill a Car Battery

Going back a bit now, but if you have an old car battery that needs water, dehumidifier water will work fine. In fact, the copper content is apparently quite good for it.

Diluting Cleaning Products

Got any cleaning products that suggest diluting? Dehumidifier water will work great.

Do the Ironing

Lastly, you can fill your iron with dehumidifier water. A small job, but that water’s got to come from somewhere.

So there we are, ten good uses for water pulled from thin air. If you have any others you’d like to suggest, please leave them in the comments below.

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